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Shanghai Cafe is for the gentleman adventurer, and for the lady adventurer who enjoys the same lifestyle. We serve exotic guides, destinations and stories, with the emphasis on the unusual. You can decide whether you want to be an Oxford Man or a Cambridge Man, and whether you want to be James Bond or John Steed of the Avengers.

You can book airline tickets for flights to destinations around the world. Likewise, you can hire rental cars in virtually any city and town, and you can book hotel accommodation at the same time.

You can exercise the James Bond lifestyle by playing roulette, blackjack and poker at online casinos. Alternatively, you can hunt ghosts and strange stories in exotic places.


  1. How to be Like James Bond     The ultimate gentleman adventurer.
  2. How to be Like John Steed     The archetypal English gentleman adventurer.
  3. Dan Dare   Gentleman Adventurer in Space.
  4. The Gentleman Adventurer's Wardrobe
  5. The Superiority of the Cambridge Man     Why Cambridge is superior to Oxford.
  6. Shanghai Trader     Chinese travel, products and links.
  7. Camelopard Travel    Book flights, hotels and car rental.
  8. African Safaris
  9. The Tokoloshe     Africa's brownie.
  10. The Flying Dutchman The daddy of all ghost ships.
  11. Dr James Miranda Barry     A lady, but a gentleman adventurer.
  12. Kruger National Park     You can't hunt the animals, but you can hunt the ghosts.
  13. VhaVenda Legends

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